Väveriet i Bollnäs

The weaving mill Väveriet i Bollnäs is run by Gunilla and Lars-Åke, who, after a few years’ break from the textile industry, were offered the chance to buy three machine looms to weave wool blankets. Gunilla and Lars–Åke were both previously of Växbo Lin, one if Sweden’s largest linen weaving mills, and took the opportunity to switch to weaving wool.

The weaving mill is located in a former dairy in Bollnäs, the looms tightly packed into the old industrial premises. That the business is run with great passion for craftsmanship is palpable.

The interest in old textile processing machines is also clear to see, and the machinery is being added to all the time.

Some time ago, the weaving mill took over machines from SvenskUll AB in Skellefteå, allowing it to also make blankets.

Väveriet in Bollnäs collaborate with both Verk and A NEW SWEDEN. They weave Verk’s all-Swedish blankets, as well as weave the fabric for A NEW SWEDEN’s Findor All-weather Jacket, bringing in their experience in producing fabrics as used by the Swedish military.

The characteristic Verk’s languette or blanket stitching is also done here.

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