In autumn 2016, the first wool was washed at Ullkontoret in Endre on the island of Gotland. After several years’ research and planning, an older wool scouring system was purchased from Spain. After inspection, repair and installation, they began to test wash and fine tune the system. The laundry now operates flat out every spring and autumn, when some 2 tonnes of wool are scoured every day. 

Ullkontoret has been purchasing and scouring wool from Gotland’s lamb farmers since 2015. At the same time, they are working to spread information to let the people of Sweden know that it is now possible to obtain wool that is guaranteed 100% Swedish in large quantities for those wishing to produce an all-Swedish wool product.

VERK regularly buys Swedish wool from Ullkontoret, both for our filling in the V.MC-01 sofa by Mia Cullin and for the production of our all-Swedish needle felt, which is in turn produced by Nordifa and Sporda Nonwoven AB. 

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