Stockholms Glasbruk

AB Stockholms Glasbruk at Skansen Open Air Museum was built in 1936 but was started three years earlier in a basement at Slussen. The construction was based on old drawings of a late 18th century glassworks in the parish of Venjan in Dalarna.

​Manufacturer Ture Berglund and his wife Lily ran the business from 1933–1980. Their daughter Marianne and her husband Göran Hammar, and later their granddaughter Karin Hammar, carried on the tradition. In July 2020, Stockholms Glasbruk was acquired by Martin Ehrensvärd and Aleksandra Pavlenkova.

Verk’s V.GW-01 vases are blown at Stockholms Glasbruk with great precision and craftsmanship. 

The cabin is open to all visitors to Skansen every day

Djurgårdsslätten 49, 115 93
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