Even though A NEW SWEDEN’s Jämtland yarn is the finest ever made from Swedish wool, it was still too thick to be knitted in any of the around 10 Swedish mills that have round knitting machines. Luckily, Sontex in Denmark had a machine that could work with it.

Sontex is a Danish family-owned company with a long history of knitting jersey. They work with all materials, including a lot of wool. With more than 200 knitting machines they can do any jersey-knit.

Sontex helped us develop the perfect fabric for the Jämtland sweatshirt, with A NEW SWEDEN’s unique yarn made of 100% Swedish wool. The A NEW SWEDEN team had the pleasure to visit them and be present for all tests made of different knitting techniques and tightness, before finding the perfect way of knitting. They also made the sweatshirt rib, that is also from 100% Swedish wool.

Navervej 18, 7430
Ikast, DK
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