Skyllbergs industrier

Skyllberg Industries

The iron industry in the area around Skyllberg dates back to the 14th century. At the wire drawing mill, wire is drawn to make nails, reinforcement wire, welding electrodes and wire baskets, among other things. The production takes place in Kårberg, roughly three kilometres north-west of Skyllberg. The company currently has about 50 employees.

Verk’s collaboration with Skyllberg Industri AB has allowed us to produce an all-Swedish stainless steel tack. The tack is one of three components needed to be able to make a coverable upholstery tack. Thanks to an open dialogue and a willingness on the part of Skyllberg to contribute to a changed approach to Swedish production, Verk is now able to use a self-made, all-Swedish upholstery tack in its new production of Carl Axel Acking’s Trienna chair, which turns 65 this year.

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