Sjuhäradbygdens Färgeri

7H Dyehouse

Johan Engelman is the CEO and head of Production of Sjuhäradbygdens Färgeri, (7H Dyehouse). He is a part of the fourth generation running the factory. It has been open since 1935 and they now have 25 employees. Sjuhäradbygdens färgeri focuses on different types of dye, yarn dye as well as fabric dye, and they also perform other textile treatments such as felting. 

Our woven fabric of Findor wool was felted at Sjuhäradbygdens färgeri. When felting a fabric many things will determine how the felted fabric will become. Both the wool quality, the weave and the time it is felted. After many tests we finally achieved the best result to have our fabric naturally wind and water resistant. 

After felting they dye the fabric, all their dye-colors are OEKO-TEX certified and they have a very strict cleaning system for all waste water. The factory runs on renewable energy and they focus on sustainability in every process, for example they reuse hot air to heat up water for dyeing and reuse cold water. 

Fritslavägen 80, 511 42
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