Ljungskile Trikå

Ljungskile Trikå was started in 2018 by Pernilla Toll with friends Tor, Mamdouh and Olle who drew attention to the demand for local production.

The company is run on the premises of the old knitwear factory Resteröds, which was started in 1935. The old knitting machines remain and they knit garments for customers from only natural materials. Ljungskile Trikå also has sewing machines specialised for knitwear and offers cutting and sewing of the highest quality. It is a small company with employees who have extensive experience of sewing production. For A NEW SWEDEN, Ljungskile Trikå handles the cutting and sewing of the jersey fabric made from 100% Swedish wool. They have helped A NEW SWEDEN create the right fit and have an impressive sense of detail that is extremely important. All waste fabric is saved by A NEW SWEDEN and used for the manufacture of rag rugs. Ljungskile Trikå has also helped A NEW SWEDEN find alternate sewing threads without plastic material.

The Jämtland sweatshirt is sewn with a completely naturally degradable sewing thread made of 100% Tencel.

Vällebergsvägen 21, 459 30
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