Jämtland Fårägare

Jämtland Farmers

All wool used by A NEW SWEDEN comes from carefully selected Swedish sheep farms that visited by their team. Swedish sheep breeding takes place mainly for meat production and wool is often counted as a by-product. More than 50% of all Swedish wool is thrown away every year.

A NEW SWEDEN wants to make use of the Swedish wool and always pays a fair price to sheep owners so that they will be paid for the time they spend taking good care of the animals, as well as the shearing costs.

Most Jämtland wool has been bought from Björn and Margareta Jonsson in Övsjö, and Ann Rudsby in Lit, Jämtland. The sheep graze outside during the summer and contribute to open landscapes and fertilisation of the soil. During the winter, when the ground is covered with snow, they live inside large sheds. Swedish animal husbandry is very good and all sheep owners we work with take care of the animals with great skill and sensitive care.

Jämtland wool is very soft and we have mixed black and white wool so the sweatshirt gets a natural grey colour.

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