Findor Fårägare

Findor Wool Farmers

All wool used in the production for A NEW SWEDEN comes from carefully selected Swedish sheep farms that we visited. The wool for our Findor jacket comes from the Finull-Dorset crossbreed, which is one of Sweden's most common sheep breeds.

Swedish sheep breeding takes place mainly for meat production and wool is often seen as a by-product. More than 50% of all Swedish wool is thrown away every year. All three sheep farms where A NEW SWEDEN bought wool for their Findor jacket had never before been able to sell their wool. A NEW SWEDEN think it is very important to pay a good price for the wool, so Swedish sheep owners receive compensation for the extra time they have to spend to ensure that the wool is litter-free and of high quality.

The wool for the Findor jacket comes from Thomas and Jeanette Eriksson who run Hälla farm outside Sundsvall, Rödje farm which is run by Erik Andersson, and Ekeby farm outside Eskilstuna which is run by Karin Ericsson.

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