Filtmakeriet is a wool spinning mill in Kilafors, Hälsingland, with its own production and sale of wool yarn, needle felt, carded wool batts and wool filling. There are no intermediaries in the process, and the work of the mill is carried out with a high level of commitment to small-scale production with a strong focus on Swedish sheep wool. The sheep wool is purchased directly from the sheep owner. The more variation there is in the raw material from the beginning, the more difficult it is to process, but the range of products is all the more interesting, useful and sustainable for it.

Filtmakeriet’s goal is to create a wide range of good products from Swedish sheep wool. This level of commitment has allowed us at Verk to realise the idea of a batch-produced, all-Swedish wool blanket. All yarn used in VERK’s blankets is spun at Filtmakeriet in Kilafors.

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