Biella the Wool Company

Unfortunately not much of the Swedish wool industry is left. Important steps like sorting, scouring and spinning in bigger scales have moved to countries where the workers are not paid as well as in Sweden. Fortunately Biella in northern Italy, with its many hundred years of history in wool processing, still has some mills left. 

A NEW SWEDEN works with Nigel Thompson, the founder of Biella the Wool Company, a non-profit company that helps sheep farmers turn their wool into yarn or other products. 

Biella the Wool Company carefully sorts the wool A NEW SWEDEN purchases direct from farmers before it is sent for washing and spinning. All steps are made in the little town of Biella in northern Italy, and with Nigel’s help A NEW SWEDEN can work with some of the best factories in the world.

The choice of scouring and spinning mill is made depending on the type of yarn required. The choice of yarn depends on the type of garment to be produced. The Jämtland Sweatshirt is made from a very thin worsted yarn that is combed before spinning, so all fibres lay parallel to each other. The yarn for the Findor jacket is a woollen yarn that is carded and has more exposed fibres. This is so that it will felt easy, since the fabric for the Findor jacket is woven and then felted.

Via Vittorio Veneto, 2, 13816
Biella, IT
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