Artex has been manufacturing textile products in Mjölby since 1928. It started with car upholstery and continued with wardrobes, furniture and other items needed in Swedish homes. As a result of globalisation, the Swedish textile industry all but disappeared in the 1970s, but Artex survived and is stronger than ever!

Artex cuts, sews and upholsters in fabric, leather, synthetic leather etc. We develop, sew and assemble seating for cars, boats, buses, aircraft, trains, offices, cinemas and hotels, etc. We not only manufacture new but also reupholster furniture in large volumes. We are the toolbox that takes a product idea to industrial manufacturing on a small or large scale in a way that makes you competitive in your industry. Artex has 70 employees in Mjölby and 300 in Latvia.

The company also has a small unit in Trollhättan specialising in leather. They cut, shred, split, sew and assemble this noble material with great love for VERK and other customers.

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